Before the 1914 war passports didn’t exist. You had to have one for Russia or Turkey, otherwise you went where you liked provided you had the money. He told me he was in London on a diplomatic passport. His stay was limited. He was going to Holland to lecture, or so I understood. He toldContinue reading

sign o the times

Evelina’s brother was like her but with red hair. He took me for long walks, showed me Castries, and one day asked if I would like to see a fight between a tarantula and a scorpion. ‘We put them in a bottle and watch,’ he said. I asked who won. ‘Neither wins. The spider bites,Continue reading “sign o the times”

“A Bracelet of Bright Hair about the Bone”

The Romans put skulls into their love poems. Skeletons and dry bones along with love. As if violet was only beautiful against something black. We also talked of death, I perhaps more than you. It made me happy, to think of the newly dead body being lowered into the coffin of the other. You foundContinue reading ““A Bracelet of Bright Hair about the Bone””

a year in reading

true, i no longer have a bookstore. but—there’s nothing to say i can’t write a 2017 roundup anyway! here are some books & one-offs i have loved this year each book is linked to indiebound to purchase in yr city no indies near you? many of them ship! or there’s always yr local library ❤Continue reading “a year in reading”


This review was originally published at Plougshares on 8.15.17 Odd and delightful, A Twenty Minute Silence Followed By Applause is an artful character study, entertaining portrait, and comprehensive investigation of a great modern myth. full review here